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Final Year Animation Stills

Here are some stills from my actual animation! I've got to say, I'm pretty pleased with it!!
To make it load quicker, I've made the images into thumbnails - just click on the image you want to see and it will come up bigger in a new window!

(1) A spotlight appears over a fat, wrinkly dog smoking a cigar, and he begins to tap on an open bread bin, which makes the noise of a piano playing.

(2) [Piano continues playing] A mouse comes out of its hole, pushing a small ramekin in front of him.

(3) [Piano continues playing] Close-up shot of a pot filled with kitchen utensils. A catís paw reaches into the frame and picks up a soup ladle.

(4) [Piano continues playing] Full-length shot as another spotlight falls on a long-eared rabbit holding a sieve, with the handle leaning on his shoulder. The rabbit spins the sieve and begins plucking it. The sieve makes the noise of a bass.

(5) [Bass plays] In the relative gloom, we see a cat standing on a table. He places the end of the soup ladleís handle in his mouth. Simultaneously, a bird flies in front of the cat and lands on a surface slightly behind and to the right.

(6) [A trumpet, saxophone, drums, bass & piano all begin playing] Wide shot of all of the animals playing their kitchen utensils. All of the animals have spotlights on them, and as the room is lit up, it becomes clear that the animals are in the kitchen, and that the catís ladle is making noise like a saxophone, the birdís singing sounds like a trumpet, the mouseís bashing on the ramekin sounds like drums, the rabbitís sieve sounds like a bass and the dogís bread bin sounds like a piano.

(7) [Piano, bass & drums play] Close-up shot of the birdís feet as it hops up onto the pile of plates behind it.

(8) [Trumpet solo, with piano, bass & drums playing softly] The camera zooms out until the whole of the bird can be seen. The bird then ďsingsĒ the trumpet solo in a variety of poses, changing with different notes and volume.

(9) [Trumpet solo continues] Close-up of the bird as he plays a louder section. The effort can clearly be seen as he strains forwards, cheeks puffed out, mouth wide open and eyes tightly shut.

(10) [Trumpet solo continues] Close-up of the catís face Ė he looks with surprise and concern at the bird having sung so loudly.

(11) [Trumpet solo continues] The camera pans back across to the bird, who looks exhausted (chest heaving, head drooping, eyes half-shut) but continues singing.

(12) [Saxophone solo, piano, bass & drums continue playing softly] The cat begins playing a saxophone solo with the soup ladle. He casts frequent glances at the bird to the right of the shot. The bird looks very tired and is swaying on the plates.

(13) [Saxophone plays then stops during faster drumming] Full-body shot of the mouse as he plays a faster, louder drums sequence on the ramekin and salt & pepper pots, using spoons as drumsticks.

From here onwards it's just stills - I haven't animated these bits yet, but I've rendered images to show what's going to happen. The action up to here is about 1 minute 20 seconds. :P

(14) Drumming continues Ė piano & bass play softly] Wide shot of the cat and bird. The bird, looking perkier, flies across to the cat and lands in the soup ladle. [Saxophone solo begins again, with a changed tone] The birdís weight changes the sound of the saxophone as the cat begins playing again.

(15) [Saxophone continues playing with piano, bass & drums] Close-up shot of the catís annoyed face looking down at the bird in the soup ladle.

(16) [Saxophone solo continues with piano, bass & drums] Close-up shot of the bird sitting comfortably in the soup ladle as the ladle moves gently from side to side. The bird begins to fall asleep.

(17) [Saxophone solo becomes faster] The cat tries to dislodge the bird by playing more quickly, making wilder body movements as he plays.

(18) [Saxophone solo continues] Close-up of the bird in the soup ladle as he is swung from side to side. His feathers flap slightly and hold the sides of the soup ladle, but he looks unconcerned and stays in the soup ladle.

(19) [Saxophone solo continues; piano, bass & drums also play] Camera pans to the left to the mouse playing the drums.

(20) [Saxophone solo continues; piano, bass & drums also play] Shot of the cat looking fed up and bored as continues playing. His eyes shift left and right.

(21) [Saxophone solo continues; piano, bass & drums also play] Wide shot of entire kitchen as the cat turns to look pleadingly at the animals playing behind him.

(22) [Saxophone solo continues; piano, bass & drums also play] Camera zooms past the catís ear to the rabbit, who remains engrossed in playing the bass and doesnít look up at the cat.

(23) [Saxophone solo continues; piano, bass & drums also play] The camera zooms out back to the cat as he finishes his solo with relief and takes the ladle out of his mouth.

(24) [Piano, bass & drums play] The camera cuts to the dog and mouse as the dog plays softly.

(25) [Saxophone & trumpet play quickly with piano, bass & drums] The camera goes back to the cat and the bird, who play quickly and quietly.

(26) [Piano, bass & drums play] The bird shakes itself and suddenly flies out of the soup ladle.

(27) [Piano, bass & drums play with quick interludes from trumpet & saxophone] The camera turns and follows the bird as it flies out of the open window.

(28) [Piano, bass & drums continue to play with quick interludes from trumpet & saxophone] The camera follows the bird through the window. It is dark outside and as the bird fades into the darkness, the music also fades until the screen is black and silence falls.